February 2010
ReliaCon is developing a model-based condition monitoring system for heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are frequently used in various industrial processes for exchanging heat between process flows with different temperatures. The monitoring system will be able to estimate the fouling coefficient and detect leakages. This project is partly funded by an SBIR grant of NL Agency.    



January 2010
ReliaCon participates in the European Space Agency (ESA) project entitled On-line Reconfiguration Control System and Avionics Technologies (ORCSAT) under  ESA contract No. 22421. The main objective of the project is to assess the potential benefits of Model Predictive Control (MPC) technology for autonomous space rendezvous control systems. The project is performed together with several European project partners under the management of Thales Alenia Space Italy.


October 2008
ReliaCon has developed a condition monitoring system for a Fico trim & form process. Fico is a product division of BESI N.V., which is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor die sorting, die bonding, packaging and plating equipment. The system developed by ReliaCon monitors the condition of the cutting tool in the trim & form process allowing the operator to take appropriate measures in case of a worn or broken cutting tool.


July 2007
ReliaCon has received an STW valorisation grant. STW is a Dutch technology foundation that finances technological research and commercialization of the achieved results. The STW valorisation grant is awarded to start-up companies that aim to commercialize promising and innovative research results.


April 2009
The weekly Dutch magazine Technisch Weekblad for engineers with higher education has published an article on ReliaCon. The article (in Dutch) can be downloaded here.

November 2009
The Dutch magazine NPT Procestechnologie for process engineers has published an article by ReliaCon on model-based condition monitoring. The article (in Dutch) can be downloaded here.